Sharpen Your Skills: Wicked Edge GO Knife Sharpener Review

Sharpen Your Skills: Wicked Edge GO Knife Sharpener Review

Welcome‍ to our review of the Wicked Edge GO Precision ​Knife Sharpener – WE60! We recently ⁢had the opportunity‍ to test out this compact yet powerful sharpening system, and we ⁤are excited to share our thoughts with you. With a limited‌ lifetime‌ warranty and a wide ⁤angle range of 13-31 degrees per side, this sharpener is versatile and built to last. Keep reading to find out why ‌we think the Wicked⁤ Edge GO is a⁤ must-have for ⁢any knife enthusiast!

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The Wicked Edge GO Precision Knife Sharpener – WE60 is a‌ compact and⁣ portable sharpening system that is perfect for those⁢ who want to keep their blades in top shape wherever they go. With ⁤an angle range of 13-31 degrees per side, this sharpener allows for precise ‌adjustments​ in 1-degree increments, making it suitable for a wide variety ‌of⁤ blades.

Designed and manufactured in the⁢ USA, this sharpener ⁣comes with a ​LIMITED‍ LIFETIME WARRANTY​ to ‌ensure that you⁢ are fully satisfied with your purchase. The package includes ⁢a 200/600 Grit Diamond Stones Pack, a C-clamp for mounting to a work ‌surface, and a practice knife to help you get started. Whether you are a⁤ professional chef or an‍ outdoor enthusiast, the⁢ Wicked Edge​ GO Precision​ Knife⁢ Sharpener -‌ WE60 is a reliable ‌tool that⁢ will ‍keep your blades razor-sharp at all ‌times.

Check Price‌ on AmazonUnboxing and Setup
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Upon receiving our Wicked Edge GO Precision ⁢Knife Sharpener,⁣ we were⁤ impressed with the ​sleek and durable design of the product. The‌ compact size made⁤ it easy to store and ​the lightweight construction allowed for easy portability. We appreciated the attention to detail in ​the packaging, which kept all ⁤components secure during shipping.

<p>The setup process was straightforward, thanks to the included 200/600 Grit Diamond Stones Pack and C-clamp for mounting to a work surface. We were able to adjust the angle range from 13-31 degrees per side with ease, allowing us to sharpen blades up to 15" long. The included practice knife was a helpful addition for honing our sharpening skills. Overall, the  experience with the Wicked Edge GO Precision Knife Sharpener was smooth and efficient, setting us up for success in achieving razor-sharp edges on our knives.</p>

Get‌ your⁢ Wicked Edge⁤ GO Precision‍ Knife Sharpener now!Performance Evaluation
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When‍ it⁤ comes to evaluating the performance of the Wicked Edge GO Precision Knife Sharpener – WE60, we couldn’t be more impressed. The‍ angle range of⁣ 13-31 ​degrees per side allows for precise sharpening, with the ability⁣ to adjust​ in 1 degree increments. This means we can achieve the perfect angle for each blade, up to 15″ long, ensuring a razor-sharp edge every time. The included 200/600‌ Grit Diamond Stones Pack⁤ makes the sharpening ⁤process smooth and efficient, while the compact design makes‌ storage easy and allows for portability wherever we need⁤ to sharpen our knives.

Thanks to the limited lifetime warranty, we have peace ​of mind ‌knowing that​ Wicked Edge ​stands behind their products. This,⁣ coupled with⁢ the fact that ⁢this⁤ precision knife sharpener is made⁢ in ​the USA, speaks to the quality and craftsmanship ⁣of this tool. With the C-clamp for mounting​ to a ⁢work surface and the practice knife included,⁣ we have everything we need ‌to keep our blades sharp and ⁤ready for any task. Overall, the Wicked Edge‌ GO Precision Knife Sharpener has exceeded our expectations and has become an essential⁤ tool in our kitchen. If you’re looking to elevate your knife sharpening game, we highly recommend checking out this top-notch sharpener.Final Thoughts
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After spending some‍ time with the Wicked Edge GO⁤ Precision Knife ⁢Sharpener, we can confidently say that this ⁤product exceeded‍ our expectations. The ‌angle range ⁣of 13-31 degrees per side allows for precise⁢ sharpening, and the ability to adjust in 1-degree increments gives us full control⁤ over the sharpening process. Plus, the included 200/600 Grit Diamond Stones Pack⁢ ensures that we have everything we need​ to get our knives‍ razor-sharp. The⁢ compact design of this sharpener makes it easy to ‌store and transport, making⁢ it the perfect tool for on-the-go sharpening⁣ needs.

Overall, we were impressed with the quality and performance of the ⁣Wicked Edge GO Precision Knife Sharpener. With its made in the USA ⁤construction and⁢ limited lifetime warranty, we feel confident⁢ in the longevity of ⁤this product. Whether⁢ you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook looking to level ‍up your knife sharpening ‌game,‌ the Wicked Edge‍ GO Precision Knife Sharpener is a solid investment ⁣that will ‍keep your‌ blades sharp and ready for⁢ anything.

Check out ‌the Wicked Edge ‍GO ​Precision Knife ⁣Sharpener on Amazon Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

After carefully analyzing the customer reviews for the Wicked Edge GO Precision Knife Sharpener – WE60, we have ‍compiled a ⁢summary of the​ most ‌notable feedback below:

Review Rating
“Marital harmony has been restored. I ‍would recommend getting a digital angle gauge, the 800/1000 grit stones, and maybe a cheap⁣ leather strop.” Positive
“By far the best sharpening​ system⁢ I’ve used to date. Highly recommend.” Positive
“Best knife sharpener on the market. ⁤Razor sharp results!” Positive
“High ⁣quality materials and great design.⁢ Easy ‌to assemble and use.” Positive
“Great product for successful knife‌ sharpening. Does what it’s supposed to. A bit ‌pricey⁤ but worth‍ it‍ in the long run.” Positive
“This edition of the sharpener is a waste of money. Not durable ​and poorly designed. Disappointing performance.” Negative

Overall, the customer reviews for the Wicked⁤ Edge GO ‌Precision Knife ⁤Sharpener‌ -⁤ WE60 are ​mostly positive,⁤ with‍ many⁢ users praising its performance and efficiency in​ sharpening knives.⁣ However, some negative feedback was received regarding the durability⁢ and design of this particular edition of the sharpener. The majority of customers recommend⁤ this⁢ product for those seeking professional sharpening results.

Pros & Cons
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Pros⁢ & Cons


Compact Design Easy ⁣to store, lightweight, and ‍portable
Angle Range 13-31 degrees per side, can ⁣sharpen blades up ⁣to 15″ long
Includes Diamond Stones Comes with⁤ 200/600 grit diamond stones pack
Made​ in the USA High quality precision knife sharpener


Price Relatively expensive compared to ‌other​ knife sharpeners
Learning ⁢Curve May take some time to master the correct sharpening technique
Limited ​warranty Warranty is limited, ⁤may​ not ‌cover all ​potential issues

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Q:​ Does ⁤the ​Wicked ‌Edge GO Precision Knife⁤ Sharpener come⁤ with ⁢any warranty?
A: Yes, ​the Wicked Edge GO Knife Sharpener comes ⁣with a limited lifetime warranty. We ⁢are confident in ⁣the quality of our sharpening systems and stand‍ behind⁢ our products.

Q: What is the angle range ‍that this sharpener can handle?
A: The ​Wicked⁣ Edge GO Knife Sharpener has an angle range​ of 13-31 degrees per⁢ side (26-62 degrees inclusive), with angle adjustment in 1⁣ degree increments. This ⁢allows for precise⁢ sharpening based on your specific needs.

Q: Is ​this sharpener easy to use for beginners?
A:⁢ Yes, the Wicked Edge GO Knife Sharpener is designed ⁤to ‍be user-friendly, making it ‍suitable for both ⁢beginners and experienced users. It comes with a practice knife to ⁤help you get⁢ the hang of using the sharpener ​effectively.

Q: How portable is the⁣ Wicked Edge ‌GO⁢ Knife Sharpener?
A: The Wicked⁢ Edge⁣ GO Knife Sharpener has a‌ compact design that is easy to store and lightweight, making it highly portable. This allows‍ you to sharpen your​ knives wherever ⁤you are, whether at home or on the go.

Q: Where⁤ is the Wicked Edge GO Knife Sharpener made?
A: The Wicked ⁢Edge GO Knife ⁣Sharpener is proudly made in the USA, ensuring that ‍it⁣ meets ​the highest quality standards. Wicked Edge has been producing ​precision knife sharpening⁤ systems since ​2007, so you‌ can trust in the craftsmanship of this ​product. Experience Innovation
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As we wrap ⁣up our review of the Wicked Edge⁤ GO ‍Precision Knife ⁣Sharpener, we can confidently‌ say that this compact ⁤and versatile ‌tool⁤ is a ‌game-changer for anyone looking to sharpen ‌their skills in ⁣the kitchen or⁣ out in the field. With its⁢ wide angle range, durable diamond stones, and portable design, the Wicked​ Edge GO ‌is a​ must-have ‌for any knife enthusiast. Plus,​ with a limited ‌lifetime warranty and ​the reassurance of being made in the‌ USA, you can trust in the quality and longevity of this‌ product. ⁢

If you’re​ ready⁣ to take your sharpening⁣ game to the⁣ next level, click‌ here to purchase the Wicked Edge ⁤GO Precision Knife Sharpener​ on Amazon:​ Buy Now. Happy sharpening!

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