The Ultimate Apocalyptic Thriller: Our Review of 2012

The Ultimate Apocalyptic Thriller: Our Review of 2012

Welcome to our review of “2012,”⁣ the heart-pounding blockbuster directed ⁤by‌ Roland Emmerich. With a ⁤star-studded‍ cast including John Cusack, Chiwetel‍ Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Woody⁣ Harrelson, and Danny Glover, this ultimate action-adventure film promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. As⁣ survivors face the catastrophic events of collapsing cities and crumbling continents, “2012”⁢ takes you ⁢on a thrilling ride, showcasing groundbreaking special effects that will ‌leave you in awe. Join us as ‌we share our first-hand experience with this apocalyptic‌ masterpiece and⁣ delve into the heroic struggle of the characters. So, grab your popcorn and buckle up ⁣for a review that will transport you to the heart of this epic disaster film.

Table of Contents

Overview of the 2012 Product

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In this thrilling disaster film directed by Roland‍ Emmerich, we are ⁢taken on an action-packed adventure filled with groundbreaking special effects. As the world faces ⁣an apocalypse of unimaginable ⁣proportions, witness the collapse of cities and crumbling continents. “2012” ​tells the⁤ gripping tale of brave survivors who ​must navigate ⁤through chaos⁢ and destruction in a race against time. With an all-star cast including John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Woody Harrelson, ‍and Danny Glover, this film delivers heart-pounding⁣ excitement from start ⁢to finish.

  • Aspect Ratio: ‍2.40:1
  • MPAA Rating: ⁣PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.25 x ‌0.5 inches;⁤ 2.4 Ounces
  • Item Model Number: 9649
  • Director: Roland Emmerich
  • Media Format: Multiple Formats, Color, Dubbed, NTSC, Dolby, Subtitled, Widescreen, AC-3
  • Run Time: 2 hours and 38 minutes
  • Release Date: March 2, 2010
  • Actors: John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Danny Glover, Woody Harrelson, Tom ⁣McCarthy
  • Dubbed: French
  • Subtitles: English, French
  • Language: French (5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix)
  • Studio: Sony Pictures
  • Country of Origin: ​ USA
  • Number of⁣ Discs: 1

Experience the⁣ gripping​ intensity ​and heart-stopping⁤ action of “2012” for yourself. Don’t ⁣miss out​ on this must-see film that ⁣will keep you on the ‌edge‌ of your seat. Order your copy now on Amazon and witness the end of the world like never before.

Highlighting Remarkable Features


In “2012,” directed by Roland Emmerich, we are treated to an incredible visual spectacle that pushes ‍the ⁤boundaries of special​ effects. With Emmerich’s previous ⁣successes, such as‌ “The Day⁣ After⁢ Tomorrow” and “Independence ‍Day,” it’s ⁣no‌ surprise that “2012” delivers on the action-adventure front. The film showcases cities collapsing and continents crumbling, depicting a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions. The remarkable feature of this ⁢film lies in‍ its groundbreaking special effects, which‌ leave viewers in awe of ​the destruction and chaos that unfolds ‌on ‍screen.

One of the standout aspects of “2012” is the all-star cast that brings the story to life. Led by John Cusack, ⁣Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet,⁤ Woody Harrelson, and Danny Glover,‍ the film boasts a talented ensemble that elevates the dramatic ⁢storyline. Each actor delivers ⁢a compelling performance, capturing‍ the struggle and resilience of ‍the⁤ survivors in the face of impending doom. Their portrayal adds depth to the story and enhances‌ the emotional impact of the film.

Experience the jaw-dropping special effects and gripping performances⁢ in “2012” by grabbing a copy​ now. Join us as⁣ we witness the heroic struggle of the survivors and delve into⁣ the world on⁤ the brink of collapse. Don’t miss out‍ on‍ this thrilling action-adventure film – get your hands ⁢on it today!

Exploring In-depth Insights


In “2012,” directed by Roland ⁤Emmerich, we are taken ‍on a thrilling ride filled with jaw-dropping special ​effects. This action-adventure​ film tackles the terrifying ⁣concept of ⁤the⁤ world coming to an ⁤end. As cities crumble and continents⁤ collapse, we witness the heroic struggle of⁤ the ⁢survivors.‌ With an ⁣all-star‌ cast including John ‍Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Woody Harrelson, and Danny ⁢Glover, the performances in‍ this film are truly noteworthy.

The aspect ⁣ratio of 2.40:1 ensures a visually stunning experience, ‍allowing us to ‍fully immerse ourselves in the chaos unfolding on screen. It’s worth mentioning that “2012” is not discontinued and remains available for‍ purchase. The movie is rated ‍PG-13, making it suitable for‍ viewers who are parents⁣ and want to exercise caution with their children. The compact dimensions⁣ of 7.5⁢ x 5.25 x 0.5‌ inches and a weight of 2.4 ounces‍ make it convenient for storage and transportation. ​

For those looking for a multi-format viewing experience, ⁤”2012″ is available in multiple formats, ‍making it‍ compatible with a variety of devices. ⁣The run time of 2 hours and 38 minutes ensures ‌that ‍you’ll be fully ‍invested in⁢ this thrilling story. With the option for dubbed versions and subtitles in both ⁢English and French, language barriers are not an issue. The film is presented in color and ​in the ⁤widescreen format, enhancing ⁢the visual impact of the stunning special effects. The inclusion of ​AC-3 Dolby audio⁣ adds⁢ to the⁢ immersive experience, bringing the action to life. Released on March 2, 2010, “2012” continues to captivate audiences⁤ with its gripping narrative and groundbreaking effects. So, join us ⁤and embark ⁣on this heart-pounding journey⁤ by clicking here to order your copy today!

Specific Recommendations for ‌the Ultimate Experience


  1. Upgrade ⁢your viewing setup: To truly ⁤experience the groundbreaking special effects in “2012”, we recommend watching it on a high-definition⁣ widescreen TV. The 2.40:1 aspect ratio will immerse you in ⁢the stunning visuals as cities collapse and continents crumble. Don’t settle for anything less than the ‌ultimate‌ visual experience!

  2. Create a cinematic atmosphere: Enhance your movie-watching experience by setting up​ a home theater system. With the Dolby sound ​and AC-3 technology in this film, you’ll want ‍a setup that can do justice to⁣ the epic ⁣sound effects and intense action​ sequences. Invest in ⁢surround sound speakers‌ and a subwoofer to feel every​ explosion and rumble as if you were‌ right there in the​ midst of the catastrophe.

  3. Extend the adventure with special features: After watching the heroic struggle ‌of the survivors, dive deeper into the‍ world of “2012” with the multiple formats and bonus‌ features included ​in the DVD.⁤ Discover‌ behind-the-scenes ⁢footage,​ director’s commentary,‍ and interviews with the cast. Extend your enjoyment and gain⁤ unique insights into the making of this action-packed film.

  4. Transport yourself with foreign language options: If you’re looking to immerse yourself even further, try watching “2012” with the French audio ‌and English or French subtitles. The​ French (5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix) adds a different dimension to the film, ⁣letting you experience the thrilling story in a new way.‍ Don’t‌ miss out on the opportunity⁣ to explore the film from a different linguistic perspective.

For‌ the ultimate movie night,‍ grab ⁤a copy ​of “2012” ⁢and prepare to be blown away by its groundbreaking special effects ‌and gripping storyline. Head over to [Call to Action: Buy now on Amazon!] to experience the epic catastrophe and the heroic struggle of the survivors firsthand. Upgrade your ​viewing setup, create a cinematic atmosphere, ⁢and explore⁢ the⁣ bonus features to fully⁤ immerse⁣ yourself in the world of ⁣”2012″. Remember, the end⁣ of the world has never looked so captivating!

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

l effects, and lacking depth in character⁤ development,⁣ Emmerich ​is known for creating visually⁢ stunning and thrilling disaster films.

Customer reviews for “2012” ⁣are quite mixed. Some reviewers express​ their disappointment with‌ the lack of depth in character development and ​the overuse of certain themes, such as the divorced family being saved by the part-time dad. However, others praise the film for its⁣ non-stop action and thrilling disaster ​scenes.

One reviewer appreciates that the movie ‍focuses on the destruction of the Earth rather than wasting time with unnecessary personal stories. ⁤They mention that​ if the movie had spent more⁢ time on personal family ‍issues, it would have ruined the ⁣flow of suspense. This reviewer also mentions that they were surprised to learn that the disasters were not caused by spaceships,⁢ which they ​think would have been a neat concept.

Another reviewer discusses the realism of the movie, pointing out ​that​ planes cannot fly ‍in the way they are depicted in the film. However, they still found the⁤ scenes exciting and were on ⁣the edge of their seat throughout. Similarly, they mention that the driving⁣ escape scenes are unrealistic but still thrilling.

One reviewer criticizes ⁢the overuse ‌of​ certain themes,‍ such as the divorced‍ family being saved by the part-time dad, which they ⁣feel has been done in other movies. They suggest opting for a different scenario, where the ⁣character Gordon, who earns the ⁣family’s love and respect, ​is the one saved instead. They also mention that ⁣the officials in the movie should ​have been​ more aware of the global events ⁤happening and that flooding all of the continents would have changed‌ the dynamics.

Despite⁢ these criticisms and suggestions ⁤for improvement, most ⁢reviewers still loved the movie ⁤and considered it a great disaster film. They praise the special effects and the destruction of famous landmarks and⁣ trouble spots across the globe. They describe the ‌movie as‍ a thrilling roller ‍coaster ride with non-stop action and tension. According ⁤to them, the movie‌ offers a refreshing ‍change from other ‍disaster films where civilization is ⁣usually saved in the nick of time.

In conclusion, the customer reviews for “2012” are mixed, with some expressing disappointment in certain aspects of ​the film, such as character development and overused themes. However, the majority of reviewers praise the movie for its non-stop action, thrilling disaster ⁢scenes, and visually ⁤stunning‍ special ​effects. Despite its ‌flaws, “2012” is considered by many to be the‍ ultimate apocalyptic thriller.

Pros & Cons

Pros ‌& Cons


  1. The visual effects are absolutely stunning, creating a ‌truly ⁤immersive experience.
  2. The fast-paced action keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film.
  3. The star-studded cast delivers solid performances, adding depth to the characters.
  4. The apocalyptic theme offers a⁤ thrilling and‍ thought-provoking storyline.
  5. The film’s cinematography is exceptional, capturing the devastation with breathtaking shots.


  1. The plot is ‍somewhat​ predictable, following the typical disaster movie ​formula.
  2. The film’s runtime of 2 hours ⁤and 38⁢ minutes may be⁣ too long for ‍some viewers.
  3. Character development is lacking, with some⁢ individuals ‌feeling underdeveloped or one-dimensional.
  4. The storyline occasionally relies‍ on convenient coincidences, ⁢which can feel unrealistic.
  5. The film’s intense action sequences may be overwhelming for those sensitive to visual stimulation.


Overall, “2012” is an ​ultimate apocalyptic thriller that successfully delivers heart-pounding action and awe-inspiring visual effects. Despite its predictable plot and lack of character development, the film keeps you engaged with its⁤ stunning visuals⁣ and fast-paced⁤ narrative.⁣ If‍ you‍ enjoy disaster movies and want to witness the end of the ⁣world on the big screen, “2012” is a must-watch.


Q&A Section:

Q: How does “2012” compare to ⁢other⁢ apocalyptic movies?
A: “2012” stands out from other apocalyptic movies due to its impressive and groundbreaking special effects. The destruction scenes are incredibly realistic and ⁤immersive, creating a sense ⁢of​ awe and tension throughout.

Q: Is “2012” suitable for all audiences?
A: While “2012” has a PG-13 rating, indicating that some content may not be suitable for children under 13, it ultimately depends on the ⁤individual⁣ viewer’s tolerance for intense action and ‍disaster sequences. ‌Parents should exercise caution and determine if the film’s content aligns with their child’s maturity level.

Q: Who are the⁢ main actors in “2012”?
A: “2012”‌ boasts an exceptional ensemble cast,​ including John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Woody Harrelson, and Danny Glover. Each actor delivers compelling performances that add depth and emotion to the film’s narrative.

Q: Can you provide more ⁣information ⁤about the aspect ratio and media format of “2012”?
A: “2012” ​is presented in a 2.40:1 aspect ratio, which enhances the cinematic experience by⁢ providing a widescreen format. ⁤The film is available ​in multiple‌ formats, including color, dubbed, and subtitled versions, allowing viewers to enjoy it in their preferred language⁣ and format.

Q: How long ⁤is the ⁣runtime ​of “2012”?
A: The runtime of ⁢”2012″ is ⁢2 hours and 38 minutes.‍ This lengthy duration allows⁣ for a comprehensive exploration ‍of the apocalyptic narrative,‌ ensuring that no ⁢crucial​ details are overlooked.

Q: When was “2012” released?
A: “2012” was ‌released on March 2, 2010. At the time, it garnered significant attention and became ⁢a box office success, captivating audiences worldwide with its gripping storyline and impressive ‌visuals.

Q: What is the country of origin for⁢ “2012”?
A: “2012” is a film produced in the USA. Its production values reflect the high standards often associated with Hollywood movies, offering viewers ⁢a top-notch cinematic ⁢experience.

Q:‍ Is there ​any additional content included with the DVD or Blu-ray of “2012”?
A: The DVD or⁢ Blu-ray of “2012” typically includes bonus⁢ features such as behind-the-scenes‍ footage, director commentary, and deleted scenes. These extras provide viewers with a deeper understanding of the filmmaking ⁤process and allow for a more immersive movie-watching experience.

Q: Can “2012” be viewed with French audio and subtitles?
A: Yes, “2012” offers ‌a French language‍ option in 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix, allowing viewers who⁢ prefer French audio to enjoy the film in ⁢their native language. Additionally, English and French subtitles are available, enhancing‍ accessibility for international audiences.

Q: Is the movie “2012” still available for purchase?
A: Yes, “2012” is‌ currently available for purchase through various online retailers and streaming ​platforms. Its enduring popularity ensures that fans and⁤ newcomers alike can experience this thrilling apocalyptic tale whenever they please.

Discover the Power

In conclusion,⁤ “2012” is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that ​will leave⁣ you on the edge of⁤ your seat. With ‍jaw-dropping special effects and a star-studded cast, this apocalyptic masterpiece takes you on an ‌unforgettable journey through ⁤the end of the world.

Director⁢ Roland Emmerich, known for his previous blockbusters, delivers yet another explosive film that will⁤ keep you captivated from start to finish. The destruction and​ chaos unleashed⁣ in “2012” is‌ truly groundbreaking, making it ⁣a visual spectacle like no ‌other.

The performances by John⁤ Cusack, Chiwetel ⁣Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Woody Harrelson, and⁢ Danny Glover are​ nothing short of ​brilliant.​ They portray the struggle and determination of the survivors in a way that⁣ will tug at your heartstrings and keep you emotionally invested throughout the ⁢film.

With a runtime of 2 hours and 38 minutes, “2012” doesn’t waste​ a single second. Every scene holds your attention and ‍keeps the adrenaline pumping. ⁤The aspect ratio of ⁣2.40:1 further⁤ enhances the cinematic experience, immersing you in the world ‍on the brink⁣ of destruction.

Whether you’re ‍a fan of‌ action, adventure, or ⁤apocalyptic thrillers, ⁢”2012″ is a must-watch. It will leave you in awe of its stunning visuals and gripping storyline.

Don’t miss‍ out on experiencing⁤ the ‌ultimate apocalyptic ⁤thriller. Click here[insertclickable​HTMLlink:[insertclickableHTMLlink:]to ​grab your copy of “2012” on Amazon now!

Remember, life is short, ⁣so don’t wait for the world to end before diving into this heart-pounding adventure. Get ready to be blown⁤ away by “2012”!

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