Unleash Your RC Adventure: Flysky FS-GT5 Transmitter Review

Unleash Your RC Adventure: Flysky FS-GT5 Transmitter Review

Looking for an advanced and easy-to-use RC transmitter for ‍your‍ car or boat? Look no further than the ‍Flysky⁤ FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter ‍with FS-BS6 Receiver. With its sleek design ‍and impressive features, ⁤this transmitter-receiver combo is sure to take ‍your RC experience ‌to the next level. From ABS function for automatic ⁢braking to ‌F.SAFE protection for fail-safe‌ operation, this transmitter has everything you need ‌to ensure a smooth ‍and enjoyable ride.​ Join us as ⁢we ​dive into the world of the Flysky FS-GT5 and discover why it’s ‌a game-changer for RC enthusiasts everywhere.

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Looking⁢ for a high-quality RC transmitter and receiver set‌ for your car or boat? Well,‍ look no further because we’ve got​ just the thing for you! The Flysky FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter with‍ the​ included FS-BS6 Receiver ⁤ is a top-of-the-line‍ option that will⁢ take your RC experience to the next level.

<p>This transmitter and receiver combo comes packed with features that make it stand out from the competition. With a <strong>6-channel</strong> setup, <strong>AFHDS 2A system</strong>, and <strong>GFSK modulation method</strong>, you can be sure that you'll have strong anti-interference ability and precise control over your vehicle. Plus, with functions like <strong>ABS (automatic brake)</strong>, <strong>F.SAFE (Fail-Safe Protection)</strong>, <strong>CRAWL mode</strong>, and <strong>gyro stability function</strong>, this set is designed to keep your model safe and perform at its best.</p>

Package⁤ Size: 27.5 * 21 * 12.5cm / 10.8 * 8.3 * 4.9in
Package Weight: 673g / 1.48lb

If you’re‌ ready ‌to take your RC game to ‌new heights, then‌ don’t hesitate ⁤to‍ get your ‌hands on the Flysky FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter w/ FS-BS6 Receiver today! Click the link ⁢below to order yours now and experience the thrill‌ of⁢ precision control and safety ‌features that will enhance your RC adventures.

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Impressive Features and Functions

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When‌ it comes to , the Flysky FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter⁢ does not⁤ disappoint. One standout feature is⁤ the ABS function (automatic brake) which allows for‍ precise control‍ over braking and cornering⁣ on different tracks. With​ six parameter settings, ‍this function‍ ensures the ‍best braking effect for optimal performance. Additionally,​ the F.SAFE Function provides fail-safe protection⁢ for​ the model in case ‌of signal loss, moving the actuator arm to a pre-set position for added ​safety.

Moreover, the ‌CRAWL function⁤ for climbing car mode, ‌SVC function for smart car control, and gyro stability function all contribute to a seamless and ⁢enjoyable RC experience. The GT5 transmitter, utilizing the AFHDS 2A system, boasts strong anti-interference capabilities for uninterrupted control. Plus, with the ability to store 20 models and customize parameters for each, this transmitter offers unparalleled versatility. ​If you’re looking for a feature-packed RC transmitter with top-notch⁣ functionality, the ⁢Flysky FS-GT5 is the perfect ​choice for⁤ RC enthusiasts.​ Check it⁢ out for yourself‌ on Amazon! Click here‍ to learn more.

In-depth Analysis and Insights

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When delving into ⁤the⁣ intricacies of the Flysky FS-GT5 6CH ‌AFHDS RC Transmitter with FS-BS6 Receiver, we were amazed by ‌the sheer breadth of ⁣functionality it offers.⁣ The transmitter, tailored for cars and boats, operates on a frequency⁣ range of 2.408-2.475⁣ GHz with AFHDS 2A modulation. Equipped with features like ABS function‌ for automatic brake adjustment, ⁣Fail-Safe Protection,⁤ CRAWL function, ⁣SVC function, and gyro ⁤stability, this transmitter ensures optimal ‍control and safety in various scenarios. What’s more, the ⁤receiver ⁤boasts a built-in gyroscope stabilization system, maintaining stability during‍ operation.

Not only does the FS-GT5 transmitter and FS-BS6 receiver combo⁢ prioritize ⁣functionality, but⁢ convenience⁢ as well. By allowing storage‍ of up to 20⁢ models, user-friendly⁤ parameter settings, and a smart model​ naming feature, this system streamlines the user experience. Additionally, the strong anti-interference capabilities of the AFHDS 2A system ensure smooth and uninterrupted‌ operation. Overall, this RC transmitter and ‍receiver duo is ‍a game-changer​ for enthusiasts looking to elevate their remote ⁤control experience. ⁤For those eager to unlock a new​ realm ⁢of possibilities in​ RC control, take the‌ leap with the Flysky FS-GT5 system today! Check ⁤it out here!


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After extensively testing the Flysky FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter with FS-BS6 Receiver, we highly recommend this⁣ product for both beginners and⁤ experienced ‌RC‍ enthusiasts. The transmitter is‌ well-designed and intuitive to ​use, making it easy to‍ control cars and boats with precision. The FS-BS6 receiver’s built-in gyroscope stabilization system ensures smooth operation and enhanced performance.

With features like ⁣ABS function for automatic brake adjustment, F.SAFE function for fail-safe protection, and CRAWL function for⁣ climbing mode, this transmitter and receiver combo offers versatility ‌and reliability. The ability to store 20⁤ models with individual parameter settings adds convenience and customization options. Overall, the⁣ Flysky FS-GT5 provides a seamless⁣ and enjoyable RC experience for hobbyists of all levels. Get yours today and take your RC adventures ⁢to‌ the next level!

Check out⁢ the‍ Flysky FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter⁣ on Amazon

Customer ‌Reviews ⁤Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁣ analyzing several reviews from customers who have used the Flysky FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter with FS-BS6 Receiver, ⁤we can confidently say that this product is truly⁣ a game-changer in the world‌ of RC car and boat hobbyists.

Review Rating
I ‌LOVE⁣ this ‍radio. The feel, build, features, are all great. Highly recommended! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The response time is impressive, ensuring a seamless connection between the transmitter⁤ and receiver. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I was not expecting anything high quality from ​this ⁣price point, but it absolutely blew⁣ my mind! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Best bang for your buck. Fantastic range for ⁣speed runs. Highly⁢ recommend. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Works as intended, one‌ of the best ⁢for the money. Would buy again. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Qualität ok. N/A

Based on the positive feedback we’ve received, it’s clear that customers are extremely satisfied with the overall ⁢performance,‍ build ⁤quality, features, and⁣ ease of use of‍ the Flysky FS-GT5 ⁢transmitter. The precise control it provides, the⁤ excellent range, and the durability of the product have ‌all been highlighted as standout features.

If you’re looking to take your RC‍ car and boat adventures‍ to ⁣the next level, we highly recommend investing in​ the Flysky FS-GT5 6CH AFHDS RC Transmitter with FS-BS6 Receiver. It’s versatile,​ dependable, and offers exceptional value for ​money. Don’t‌ miss out on the‍ opportunity to enhance your RC experience with this outstanding⁣ product!

Pros ⁣& Cons


1. Strong anti-interference​ ability
2. ABS function for optimal ‌braking
3.⁤ F.SAFE Function for fail-safe protection
4. CRAWL and SVC functions​ for different control modes
5. Gyro stability function for better handling
6. Can store ‌20 models⁢ with individual parameter settings


1.⁢ Batteries not included
2. Limited compatibility‌ with only cars ‌and boats

Overall, the Flysky FS-GT5 Transmitter is a⁤ powerful and feature-rich device that enhances your RC adventure with its advanced functions and customization options. While it may have a ⁢few drawbacks, its performance and reliability make it a worthwhile investment ‍for RC enthusiasts looking ‍for a versatile transmitter for their cars and ⁤boats.


Q: How many models can⁤ the Flysky FS-GT5 transmitter store?
A: The ⁤Flysky FS-GT5 transmitter​ can store up ‌to 20 models, allowing you to easily switch between different setups for your⁤ RC cars or boats.

Q: What is the function ‌of the ABS feature on​ this transmitter?
A: The⁢ ABS function on the ‌FS-GT5 transmitter ⁢adjusts the⁤ throttle channel to ​provide automatic brake settings tailored to different types of tracks, optimizing​ braking and ‌cornering control.

Q: Can the FS-GT5 ⁢transmitter protect my model in case of signal loss?
A: ⁢Yes, the F.SAFE ​Function ‍on the FS-GT5 transmitter provides fail-safe protection by moving the actuator arm to a pre-set position when ‌the receiver is unable to receive signals ‍normally, ensuring the safety of your model.

Q: What is the size of ​the FS-BS6 receiver included in this package?
A: The FS-BS6 receiver measures 30 22⁤ 16mm, making it compact and suitable ⁣for use in ⁣various RC models.

Q:‌ Does the GT5⁤ transmitter have gyro stability ⁣function?
A: Yes, the Flysky FS-GT5 transmitter is equipped with gyro stability function, allowing for better control and stability when operating your RC car or boat.

Reveal ⁤the Extraordinary

As we conclude our review‍ of‍ the Flysky‍ FS-GT5 Transmitter, we ⁣can confidently say that this cutting-edge device is a game-changer for RC enthusiasts looking​ to elevate their experience. With​ advanced features such ​as ABS function, ‍F.SAFE protection, and gyro ⁢stability, this​ transmitter delivers optimal performance and control.

Whether you’re into cars or⁤ boats, the FS-GT5 is⁤ designed to‍ meet‌ your needs with its compatibility and ⁢versatility.‌ Its⁢ AFHDS 2A system ensures a strong ⁣anti-interference capability, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted communication between transmitter and receiver.

Don’t miss out on taking your RC⁤ adventures ‌to the next level with the⁤ Flysky FS-GT5 Transmitter. ‍Click the link below to get your hands on ⁢this must-have gadget ⁢now!

Get your Flysky FS-GT5 Transmitter here

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